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Faerie Dell: Response to Word Prompt.

I enjoy writing poetry - it's both challenging and fun creating images and stories in poetic form.

Canterbury Bell Fairy

Canterbury Bell Fairy

I absolutely adore the flower faeries depicted by Cicely Mary Barker with their sweet faces and botanical settings and names. When I envision faeries, hers are the images that come to my mind and I have used them as inspiration for this brief poem.

Early in the morning
While the house was still
I crept out to the garden
To the faerie dell.

The sun seemed shy
To greet the morn
As I tiptoed
O’er the dew drenched lawn.

Trees stood silent
The air was hushed
As in the east
Dawn rosily blushed.

Further I walked
Past glistening flowers
Through the garden
With its budded boughs.

There amongst the bushes
I was sure to see
The faeries playing
Come, catch me.

I caught a glimpse
Of silvered wings
A flash
Of golden sheen.

I saw the faeries
Seated, upon their leafy swings.
I watched them dart and flitter,
With shining gossamer wings.

But as the sun rose in the sky
And birds burst into song
The faeries darted into the bushes
And soon they were gone.

© 2021 Nan Hewitt