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Fading Slowly

I am in a place where everything seem worthless.
Where all you can feel is pain and nothingness.
A place where you just want to scream to create a
Because the silence is overpowering your voice.

I cried it out for so many night,
Until i gave up the idea of finding the light.
My faith was ruined, i show no life.
It's like i'm a fighter without a fight.

Night and day, i longed for death.
To end up the sorrow, i even wished not to breathe.
I've accepted the fact that i'm a lost soul,
A soul that no one wants and no one will haul.

Now i'm breathing and still living,
With no direction and it's confusing.
Do i have purpose for this so called life,
Because now i wanna give up because it feels to be right.