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Fading Memories

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.


First Love Memories

Memories sometimes drift across my mind

When I think one day it has finally gone away

I go back in time all the years since then

Love will fill my heart for another time and day

I might see a bench in the park where we sat

As teens and teased and talked with laughter

Happiness was ours every day for many years

Yet we never thought of where we would go, after


Yellow papers here which had been white as snow

They are so many notes you passed to me at school

You would drop them on my desk walking by

And you reached for mine you knew I had for you

Every minute apart we thought of being together

Our hearts were filled with a love we had never known

There was never enough time in our days together

And not realizing how to others our love shown


Somehow life moved in and age to move us on

We never said goodbye not knowing it was over

As the days went on my heart would often wonder

Why I felt this way, looking at your four leaf clover

You pressed it in a locket to wear around my neck

You called me on the phone once or twice

I knew then that you still felt the same as me

We wrote letters awhile but how time flies


Then one day our world was changed and turned upside down

Not knowing we would ever meet again to be shocked

Just full of love and innocent dreams of forever

Walking hours in the sunshine, with our hands locked

Our love was young and a joy just having time together

I kept everything you gave me even such a silly thing

I cannot but wonder in all these year do you still think of me

and the past-time homemade going steady ring?


Suddenly we knew that we were no longer in control of our lives

All at once your family had to move away it happened so very fast

I think we knew even with hope that day but neither dared to say it

This the only time you held me close and tight as if it were the last

So very many miles and hours apart now that we would be

We knew the ache of love we felt would surely slowly die

Both in completely different worlds with someone new

Too busy now with life to stop, recall, and even wonder why


Now I will put these aged, sweet memories away a few more years

Where I always keep them hidden and seldom bring out to see

Just now and then when I see a place we once walked so long ago

Wondering if you too kept memories, or do you ever think of me?

It seems like a different world back so many long years

We both have found love and happiness since I know

But I wonder if you have that same first love feeling still

If I cross your mind by chance, of so very long ago?

I Will Remember You

First Love

© 2022 Jackie Lynnley

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