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Before It Fades Away

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When I thought of breaking up with my boyfriend, I always think about the good times we had. The feelings, the time, the efforts, and the future we have invested in our relationship is worth keeping and worth more than just a simple argument. So before I think of giving up on him, I think about how it would be if I hold on to us.

Before It Fades Away

This love we have fostered

Our lives it has conquered

Like a seed when it started

Each day we have tended

little by little as it sprouts

as tiny leaves start to come out

it grows so sturdy

and blooms so sightly

It has rooted deep

it is worth to keep


yet this love so tough

gone through things rough

it began to wilt

I am doused with guilt

the heart's wake up call

it was fragile after all

every day I tend

it began to mend

before it fades away

I hold on for it to stay

© 2018 Roshena