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Factory Templates

I am a Poet and a Fiction Writer. I'm currently finding ways to make a living on writing am slowly drowning in the mounds of books and paper

We started as blank slates, filled with possibility

I could be anything I wanted to be, I told myself

I enter the conveyor belts, headed towards my future

They had a chant here: “in the template, we follow”

They started to mix together the contents they wanted

One part water, three parts mixture just as they wanted

What was given to me was given to all

“In the template, we follow”

We were given a label to remind us of what we ought to be

When someone doesn’t comply, he then was thrown out, repurposed

They were despised for not following the sacred chant:

“In the template, we follow”

We were then prepare for auditing and product tests

Some of us didn’t pass; some of us broke in the process

I thankfully moved on, and was prepared to be sold

To the businessmen and households I go

But still looking back to where I’ve been

From the Product Factory;

From the University

“In the template, we follow”


© 2018 Ges Jaicten

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