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Fabricated Memories - Poem

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.



About the Poems

Wave after wave of the unforgiving virus, among many other things, left many of us grieving. Grief about losses we understand and those that we don't.

As years go by, the grief will have taken a different shape. And the person(s) we're mourning now may not remain the same in our memories.

Remembrances often make us forget the actual person that was. Instead, our minds play tricks and make us grieve the person that we thought should have been.

You As Me

I think of your auburn hair

Or maybe the light's on the frame

For jet black it was

And you wore it high

The day of our last ball

I hear the chords of Mozart

Or was it Bach? On your fingertips

Except you never played the piano

Maybe you wanted to buy one

As a piece of décor

I bookmark the pages you liked

Of 'Hamlet' and his soliloquies

Young adult fiction is what you read

If you took down the books at all

What an ornamental bookcase you had!

I remember you for you

I remember you for not you

I imagine you as me

Because you never really were

What You Were

Like a raindrop on the window pane

That belonged to a cloud once

You never were what you were

Like a wave that hits the shore

That bejeweled the depths once

You never were what you were

Like an autumn leaf, brown and withered

That blushed green in the spring

You never were what you were

Like a ray of sun that gives warmth

Or radiates the heat of the scorching star

You never were what you were

All you are, are memories

All you were, were unreal

I miss the you that you never were

As you'll never now be what you were

© 2021 Rinita Sen

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