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Fabric Of Life

The fabric of life is being woven by the threads of our deeds
The threads of good deeds and bad deeds. we can call them "Karma"
We weave the fabric of life with the threads of karma
The emotions we have in our minds and hearts play a major role
Each emotion has its own color
We have different emotions for each person we meet
Sometimes those emotions do change with the time for the same person
Their proportions do change
It depends on our mood, circumstances and people around
It also affects our mental and physical health

Colour | Emotions
Red - Energy, strength, anger, fear, sensuality and ego
Orange - Self control, ambition, courage, thoughtfulness
Yellow - Optimistic, friendly, happy, intellectual, indecisive, easily led
Green - peaceful, healing, compassion, jealousy
Blue - Spiritual, loyal, creative, sensitive, kind, moody
Indigo - Benevolence, highly intuitive, seeker
Violet - Highly spiritual, wisdom, intuition
Pink - Love, sincerity, friendship
Grey - Depression, sadness, low energy
Brown - Greed, self involvement, opinionated

So we weave our fabric of life with the threads of deeds
And every moment we paint it with the colours of various emotions
The color of this fabric keeps on changing
Because every now and then our emotions do change
Its all up to us how we want to paint it
Which type of colours we use to dye it
If we use harsh emotions like anger, jealousy and hatred, colours of those emotions will be reflected in our fabric of life
And if we use soft emotions like love, compassion and friendship, then the colours of these emotions will be reflected accordingly

So it is all up to us
How we want to weave
Which type of threads and colours we choose for our fabric
We want to make it rough or soft, that's we have to decide
And we have to weave because nobody can live without doing deeds
It may be good or bad
But every now and then we think, speak and do some actions
We keep on weaving till the last breathe
So we have to be careful
If we want to create a masterpiece
Then choose your threads and colours wisely
After all that will always be your choice
Because you are weaving the fabric of your life
Happy weaving.

© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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