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Fool’s Hope


I thought I saw you today

Behind the seat by the window pane,

The bus was running like a wild mad beast-

I thought I saw you stumble,

You were busy gathering your thoughts

On text messages and screen shots,

Emoji and cartoons flowing through

I never saw you smile though.

What happened to your twinkling eyes?

To your laughter full of mischief?

Did you loose your sanity to the smoke and dust?

Did you fail to hold trust?

You were hiding behind your sunglasses

Disgust and pain taunting your face,

Weekends and holidays lost their charm

Flower and skull imprinted on your arm.

I thought I saw you muttering along

No one heard no one cared;

I was afraid to ask you again-

“What’s going in your mind?”

You called me a fool and a complete nuisance!

I never dared again.

I thought I was shy for the third time,

Dreamy eyes glazed with emotion,

I was so close this time

But you never looked up.

When the sun fades the moon shines;

But they cannot cross the line

Drawn by fate yet so far

How long will I have to wait?

The bus stopped and the ground shattered,

I thought I saw you look up,

But you surrendered again to the white ray

The bus ran and left me behind

Alone at dusk, the end of another day.