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Fireworks in My Head

Judy finished school at La Consolacion College Manila with a degree of BSBA Major in Financial Management.

I still remember

The day you said there is forever

You and I will be together

On that day, 15th of December

You held my hand, you never let go

It feels so warmth, we enjoyed the show

You hugged me like there is no tomorrow

Watching the fireworks, there is no sorrow

You promised you will always be here

That my guardian angel will always be near

And your sweet voice I could hear

Saying Baby don’t drink beer

We bought coffee and sit near a Ferris wheel

We talk about babies, will have three and that’s a deal

We laugh, we smile, we talk all night

And wake up on a sun shining so bright

After a week I feel something is not right

I feel so cold, you gave me a fright

You were drinking, I was up all night

Then you call and said, Let’s end this fight

You froze me with the words you said

I was shocked why this love must end

How can you act like nothing happened?

I was worried I think I can’t comprehend

How could you easily neglect?

The person who’s willing to protect

The unguarded heart she met

How could you easily forget?

But then I wished we never met

For my broken heart is now forever upset

The first day that we met

How can I possibly forget?

© 2019 Judy Ann Sollestre

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