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Fair Cheating

The writer loves writing poems from situations faced in real life.

Fair Cheating

Phone rang out several times, It was already dark, Expecting you would return home after work, Still no answer, no replies to text messages, Thought you were with friends, But why didn’t you answer my call, Kept calling in the night, Just to know that you were safe, Still no answer at all, Next day dawned, I kept calling, Your phone was ringing, Still no answer, Still no reply to my text messages, Two days passed, You showed up at home, Asked where you were, No response, Why aren’t you talking to me, I need explanations, Your reasons were so cold, They tore my heart, What about our kids, What will our families think about us, I begged you to sit down and talk things over, You were too busy, You gave excuses, You changed the subject quickly, Kids were watching, We promised not to argue in front of them, That was all you said, And avoided all the conversations, I need answers, I’m not sure whether I could trust you again, My mind was still not settled, You left many questions unanswered, I was hopeless, I felt I was being fooled, So I did the same thing you did, I felt guiltily satisfied, Finally, it’s a fair cheating.


Everlynne Mataru (author) from Port Moresby on July 02, 2019:

Thank you John Hansen. Really appreciate your comment. The outcome was fair indeed, which ever way you conclude it.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 02, 2019:

Wow, you described this situation perfectly. The outcome was not idea but certainly “all’s fair in love and war,” and this was “ a fair cheating.”

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