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F-Bond - a Poem on the Strongest Bond Ever Found Anywhere

Vanita Thakkar is an Entrepreneur - an Engineer-Researcher-Consultant and an Artist - Singer-Composer-Poetess-Writer from Vadodara, Gujarat.



The other day, I went to see

A friend, who does research in Chemistry.

After the usual, “How do you do ?”

I said, “I have a question for you –

Can you name the bond

Which is the strongest of all those found ?”

She laughed, “Are you kidding ?

That’s the simplest question in Chemical Bonding !

It is known the whole world round

That ionic is the strongest bond to be found.”

Woefully nodding my head I said,

“You are wrong, I am afraid.

Compare all the data, fresh and latest

F-bond is stronger than the rest.”

”F-bond ?”, She jumped off her chair

And gave me a confused glare.

“Yes, F-bond”, I replied.

“What’s that ?”, She cried.

“What’s it’s length and strength .... ?

And what about it’s existence .... ?”

“To digest the information I am going to impart,

Put aside your brain and apply your heart.

It’s bond length and bond energy –

Both tend to infinity.

It’s full name is “Friendship Bond” and you see,

It exists between you and me.”

- Vanita Thakkar (13.04.1990)

I wrote this poem to gift it to one of my school friends on her birthday. We used to do that - gift each other with poems / quotes / writings on birthdays / occasions or just for fun ....


This poem comes under the word prompt challenge on - Friendship - by my dear friend and fellow writer-poetess on HubPages - Brenda Arledge. However, it is not a new one. I hope Brenda and other friends enjoy reading it as a part of her word prompt challenge.


Reflections ....

True friendship is very rare and precious.

We get to hear more about true, exemplary friendships among men, even in history and scriptures, like - Raama-Guha, Raama-Sugreeva, Raama-Vibhishana, in the Raamaayana and Krishna-Sudaamaa, Krishna-Arjuna in the Mahaabharata .... There are hardly any examples / tales about great friendships among ladies. Ladies tend to remain too engrossed / busy with families and domestic responsibilities ....

(from the reply to comment by author-poetess friend on HubPages - Chitrangadaji.)

© 2021 Vanita Thakkar

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