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Eyes of Innocence

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Writing is a cathartic process in which I find my voice in different facets of each poem. Poetry, is a unique discourse of reflections


She didn’t know what to expect
No one schooled her about sex
And safeguarding her body
Protecting her innocence
‘Till she was ready for that

Her mother had her own demons
To control
Her father, that’s a tale for
Another song

When she met her first love
Unfamiliarity to the way of the world
Could not comprehend
The thinking of a man

To say she was a babe in the woods
Would be correct
She didn’t know what made
A man click
Made him tick


When she found herself in his bed
Fumbling of fingers
Clumsiness of legs
Arms trying to position themselves
What a first-time disaster

The pain she felt after did not
Come from only a broken heart
But a little bit further in her secret spot

She tried to pretend to be
All grown up
Still, she was a child
In an adult world

Making grownup moves
Grownup decisions
No clue in what she was doing


Flying by the seat of her
panties lying with the
Rest of her clothes
At the foot of his bed
Tears could not stop themselves
Spilling down her face freely
Is this how love was accomplished

She was a hot ass mess
Makeup blended in with
Tears and raccoon eyes
Lipstick traces on bed sheets
Calling attention to what
She had just put her body through

Yet her mind was still in the
State of confusion and disbelief
No going back the deed was done now
And still, she did not understand how


Feeling lost instead of pleasure
Guilty and ashamed, not fulfillment
She didn’t want to
Face herself in the looking glass

She pulled the covers up to protect
Her bareness as she looked over
To where his sleeping frame laid next to her
Lying there breathing, slightly snoring
So, content when she
Was going through hell

She thought of how she’d let
Herself down
Falling for slick words
Coming out of the mouth
Of an excellent liar


Wasn’t she warned, not
Everything that shined was gold
To be weary if it all seemed too good
To be authentic

Charm and good looks
Mean nothing if the heart
Is rotten and evil
Consumed with only his pleasure

Was he concerned with her naiveté?
Or only that his debased needs were met
Put her through things
She would never tell anyone
Not even her closest friend

Shattered her credulity
Replacing it with cynicism
Never trusting
Always on guard of her heart

All innocence replaced with suspicion
She is left with only emptiness
And the disillusionment of love

© 2022 ek ellis

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