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Eyes With A Silent Stare

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Penning thoughtful poems, composing sonatas, scripting lyrics elevates my mood. I take time to vent my passion by composing narrative poems.

Holding within the pain and aches of yesteryears,

And looking silently at the rumblings of life,

My eyes glisten looking at the wondrous nature,

Which teaches us to look forward and upwards.

The vast expanse of the sky and the mighty hills taught me,

That life is a journey wide enough to accommodate us all,

With no ramifications, no regrets for the person,

Who is hell-bent on focussing on the truths of life.

Who I was before entering the maze,

Who I was after leaving it makes no difference to me,

As I am the same person with infinite capacities,

Who comes unscathed in demanding situations.

Keeping the gaze of life unwavering and fixed,

And heeding no attention to tricks of life,

I unveil the Jekyll Hyde mask and pull out another act,

To control and pass over the rigors of life.

Observing the nitty-gritties of life,

With a silent, and experienced stare

Knowing that it will pass away,

In an instant, as we focus and decree in the NOW.

© 2020 Danny

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