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Eyes Hear the Soul

You can hide your feelings, but your eyes cannot. This is me back again with another poem revealing the two little thieves called the eyes.


It is the pathway of hope,

expectation of joy, ocean-deep.

Sneak into these twinkling eyes,

there are dreams, all piled up in heap.

It is the depiction of weakness,

fear in your nerves reflecting as tear.

It portrays the agony plugged in mind,

as if eyes know how to hear.

It is the vision of strength,.

Passion burning as bright sunshine.

It speaks of unbeatable will,

roaring courage it does define.

They are a pair of glistening twilight,

emitting the warmth of love,

nothing can veil its light,

may it be makeup, mask or glove.

Eyes cannot hide your anger,

or the cooked up story of foul play,

Eyes act as a magnificent mirror

of what your true self does say.

© 2021 Debangee Mandal

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