Eyes Closed Tight

Updated on March 22, 2018
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I live a few miles from the ocean, with my husband and our 3 boys. I always make an effort to spread kindness and light wherever I go.

If you are contemplating suicide, please talk to someone. It doesn't have to be family or friends. I have provided a link to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website at the end of this page. They have a toll free hotline 24/7 that you can call for support or help, if you or a loved one are in distress. They also provide information on their site that is specific to individual situations, such as disaster survivors, veterans, etc. You are not alone and your life is worth living!

I hate my life I want to die

Even though I try and try

When you find my body lying in its normal place

You will see the smile that fell upon my face

For death has brightened up my life

It brought an end to all my strife

You don't have to suffer with the friendship of my tears

Or bear the weight of misery for another year

You're finally free of this b***h

Like scratching an annoying itch

She lies asleep and rid of pain

No sad consciousness regained

So you'll smile and I'll smile

And we'll be happy for a while

In death you'll try to seize my heart

But I told you where to start

You never tried to make it right

Now I'm gone with eyes closed tight

© 2018 Angela Tagliamonte


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