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Eye Contact

An inside bar door sign, “Eye Contact”
Enter only if you really mean it
You may not be lost, even confident
But that’s because you ignore it

There must be a recognition of yourself
Though it may be surrounded by revelry
That is what must happen, the unexpected
You have no time to prepare for this melody

I won’t ask you any questions
The choice to sit or stand is yours
Take a deep breath, smile if you wish
Watch me like the sun was only ours

I will make you feel alone in a crowd
But that is why you opened the door
It only takes one person to reach you
One person staring and not at the floor

I hope to calm your mind for you
But if it becomes a storm, that’s ok
Discomfort is life but don’t look away
Eye contact with a stranger, clouds far away

Many things are clinging to you
That’s probably where you must start
But neither of us know the beginning
Only that you and I will soon part

You can think whatever you want
I’ll never know but I will take the time
Watching, waiting for you to empty your head
Our secret is not for anyone standing in line

You know how deep it goes inside
You made your way once without a handle
You dug that cave and painted the walls
Now it’s time again without a candle

Are your friends all dead and gone
Or did some just become born again
Within each breath is their story
But can you really know for certain

And that’s just it, you never will
You must ask yourself the question
Are you passive about yourself, but wait
These are your thoughts, not my suggestion

The people wait for us to complete
But we will never know when it’s over
I can stand or sit, what did you decide?
It’s not about me, I'm quiet, you discover

I don’t know my place in your life
But my eyes remain fixed upon yours
My mind blank, preparing your reflection
Nothing between us except what lights the stars

There is some substance you will know
It may not be answers, only urgent discussion
Between your heart and mind about now
It’s not theater, only a bleeding concussion

Your friends led you away into the streets
You needed a drink, maybe a cigarette
What just happened, you may never know
Only courage, never your souls regret

Don't look back, I was only a mirror
Someone else is gazing upon me now
It's frustrating for them, as it was for you
What is the point, not knowing how

Into the void you go, there is no lock
Only a knob to turn, feet to shuffle
If you return, what will you remember
Eye contact, no bones, no muscle

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