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Exploring the Forbidden

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Is there a way to cage this feeling,

A way to bust through the proverbial ceiling?

At your feet I would rather be kneeling.

Can’t you see it’s my heart you’ve been stealing?

How could you see what is not being shown?

Not even a whisper but love's breezes have blown.

Infatuation that seeps down to the bone,

Yet the love between us has not even grown.

In silence we keep it all locked away,

Lest we take chances and seize the day.

Why throw our hearts into the fray,

When we can stay quiet yet another day?

At my soul this forbidden love eats,

Like a heart that is skipping its beats.

Both body and soul between the sheets,

Just a thought that always repeats.

Perhaps I’ll be the one to make the first move,

Get you dancing to the beat of my groove.

Can you not feel it, do I need to prove,

That these walls scream to be removed?

Break them down and cast them aside,

Love is what we are here to provide.

“I do not love her,” but surely I lied,

For, “I love you too,” is how she replied.

Let us slip softly into sin so quiet,

Entangle our hearts, you need just try it.

Turn silent love into a passionate riot,

For you are necessary in my heart’s diet.

We could bloom into something so right,

Let time slip away as day turns to night.

This love is a flame that burns so bright,

So let it sprout wings, spread and take flight!

A Little Much

When it comes to my life I have always lived in the fast lane, no stopping, and people try to think they can jump in without a heavy foot on the gas pedal or even get me to slow down. It's okay that you can't keep up, you don't have to, I'll always stop by to let you know I still love you despite going on ahead. There are other lanes to drive in, and I'm not looking to sit in a traffic jam of wish-wash emotions and barriers.

Are you ready for the fast lane, or will I see you on my next go around?

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