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Exploring the Controversial Life of a Salem Witch (Poem)

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  



Have you ever felt connected to some era or eras of the past? Certain stories told in history make me feel I could have been there. During the late 1600s when the Salem Witch Trials were happening the folklore through the years along with modern-day films that portray witches make me think a lot about past lives and what mine may have been. From my favorite color black to my admiration and respect for black cats and spiders, who knows? It is always fun to explore the illusions of the mind and the questions it asks. I thought about how I would feel if I lived back in those times and had been executed for being different. That is what I relate to the most—being different and trying to defend myself for being an outcast. I decided to be a ghost from the Salem witch days and haunt my killer in this poem. Since I only look evil but not at all scary in my own life, it was fun to write from that type of perspective. I wondered if I would have felt so hurt as I was dying that I would want to avenge myself and give what I got in the end?


Killings and Curses (A Witch's Tale)

I was a peaceful part of the past.

Made out to be a devil in Disguise.

Tie me up and burn me to ash.

But I


live in Your mind.



be around when every single mishap

confronts you.

When the dawn of a new day reaps the

breath of every heir you bear.



be that gust of rage before a


Reminding you of your sins.

Until the spell of my spirit takes over

to punish your remaining kin.

Realize that your actions were just

cowardice delusions.

Twisted to make your part in the history

a victorious execution.

Know this now, you


shutter as the wind from Salem blows and

the lonely tumbleweed sweeps across your toes.



know somewhere inside that

It is I…

the young long-haired girl who kept

her mouth tied.

Quietly misunderstood, but still stood

To bide.

You may have summoned me and

my coven to false asseveration.

But you should know I, myself, never perished

from your obliteration.

My soul has risen from beyond the bounds of

eternal damnation.

You put me to death for mystical MAGIC.

But fret not.



Forever gift you with the curse of my mystical MADNESS.

© 2022 Missy Smith

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