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Experiment-You Will Find Out

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Experiment - You Will Find Out

Experiment - You Will Find Out

Brenda Arledge has given the word prompt "Experiment" for Word Prompts Help Creativity-Week 37.

Brenda is a dear friend and a wonderful poet. She inspires us with her word prompts every week and helps us, writers, to put pen to paper and let our imagination fly.

This poem is in response to the word prompt "Experiment". Thank you, Brenda, for inspiring me to write.

What is an experiment? defines an experiment as a “test, trial or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown or of testing a principle, supposition, etc.”

Experiments can also refer to what we do in day-to-day life to find out what will happen if we do this or what will happen if we do that.

So many decisions to say yes or no, to choose or not to choose, to do or not to do and the list goes on.

Life is like a maze and we have to find our way to reach the final destination. On our way we have to experiment, we have to choose, and find out the outcome of our choices.

Life is full of experiments and we have to find out the right ones and choose the right combination of factors that will influence our lives and guide us to the right path to reach our ultimate destination.

Experiment and make your choices. Choose wisely.

Do not be afraid to live.

Experiment-You Will Find Out

What is an experiment

It is trying something new

What is an experiment

It is something that you want to do

Wondering what the result will be

Wondering what will be new

You may be surprised with the outcome

Or disappointed too

It is a heady feeling

Just waiting for the result

Trust me; it can be surprising

But be sure you can work it all out

In chemistry, you can mix chemical compounds

That bubble, fizz, or froth

In physics, you can use lenses and prisms

To demonstrate the spectrum of light

Or experiment in biology

With a flower or a seed blown out of sight

So many experiments for you to try

To choose can be a difficult task

Experiments to learn and know more about

Is the routine textbook stuff

You have the questions and the answers

In the same subject book

All you have to do is look and search

Learn to find the clue

Nothing can compare

To the experiments of life

They will blow you away

Life will throw curveballs at you

It will be tough to find your way

To choose or not to choose

It can be a mind-boggling task

To place your heart out on a sleeve

To risk going all out

Life can be fraught with pain and anxiety

With many ups and downs

But the sweet moments will call you out

So live life and have fun

Open your heart let the light in

See what life is all about

It can be exciting and filled with adventure

You will learn without a doubt

What is life if not trial and error

Experimenting to find the outcome

As we live and breathe today

You will know and be wise in the long run

© 2021 Nithya Venkat