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Experiencing Loneliness Versus Enjoying Solitude

Joyette Fabien wrote poetry in her youth. Not much of a talker, poetry became her primary response to life's ups and downs.

Solitary rose - lonely or just alone?


1. Solitude vs Loneliness


Can be beautiful

A sweet space; a moment in time

My private room; my sanctuary. In there

I can be myself without any mask

I can laugh or cry; be happy or sad

I can be me!


Is a fiery furnace

A place of torture; a hateful enemy

That eats me up on the inside. And sometimes

Attacks me in the midst of a crowd

Loneliness forces me to painfully hide

Behind a mask

Solitude and Loneliness - Different sides to the same coin?

2 Loneliness vs Solitude

Loneliness is cruel; it destroys the soul

Solitude is benevolent; it rejuvenates the spirit

Loneliness can kill even in a crowded room

Filled with merriment and laughter

Solitude can be exquisite

Especially when shared with a kindred spirit

Loneliness is vicious and consuming

Solitude can be, Oh, so companionable

Loneliness is a leaf falling to the ground

Solitude is watching the leaves as they fall

Be happy in your solitude, my friend

But flee from loneliness!


Reflective Poems

© 2022 Joyette Helen Fabien

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