Expendable RHYMES

Updated on November 10, 2017

The Expendables


A group of elite mercenaries.
Leave their base in New Orleans.
To deploy to the Gulf of Aden.
To save a group of hostages.
From vessel Solami pirates.
The team consists of specialists.
One is named GUNNER JENSEN.
Who distracts the Somali Pirates.
He tries to have one hanged.
But is stopped by his friend named YANG.
While their leader ROSS.
Discharges Jenson as the boss.
Discharges him from the team.
Ross is the member that leads.
He and Trench Mauser.
Do Mr. Church a favor.
They get a contract.
But trench passes the contract.
Passes it to Ross to read.
Ross takes it and reads.
It's to overthrow GENERAL GARZA.
From an Island in Vilena.
Ross and CHRISTMASfly to Vilena.
They then meet Sandra.
An ex CIA officer.
Is keeping Garza into Power.
A powerful figurehead.
For his own things to profit.
Sandra is Garza's daughter.
Ross leaves but she stays with her father.
Jensen approaches JAMES MUNROE.
Sandra attempts to get information from Munroe.
While Lacy's abused by her new man.
Christmas beats him along with his friends.
He revealed what he does for a living.
While Ross and the group are discovering.
Discovering that the real target is Munroe.
Who joined Garza so the money won't go.
So the money stays and funds the CIA.
Funding himself along the way.
But the CIA can't afford a mission.
Killing one of their own is a bad decision.
Ross then meets a friend to TOOL.
Tool confesses that he broke a rule.
He let a woman get commit suicide.
While Ross comes back as a surprise.
Yang comes back with him.
Jensen goes after him.
Ending it in a warehouse.
Jensen gives ross the Garza's layout.
Ross gathers his team and plans out.
Plan how to get in.
They fly to Vilena and get in.
Garza thinks its Munroes team.
So he has his soldiers preparing.
Just in case they want to fight.
While the team out explosives on site.
They destroy the palace.
Then stop Munroe from escaping.
Ross and Christmas catch up to Munroe.
Killing him and ending the show.

Sylvestor Stallone
Jason Statham
Jet Li
Dolph Lundgren
Eric Robert
David Zaya
Generl Garza

The Expendables 2


After saving Sandra in Vilena.
They add a team member.
They bring him while they are on the way.
On their way to Nepal save a hostage.
DR.ZHOU is the hostage.
After rescuing him. They capture ross rival.
While yang takes Dr. Zhou back to China.
The rest return to New Orleans.
Ross gets the unexpected from Billy.
Billy tells him he will retire.
Planning to Marry his girl, Sophia.
Mr.Church brings a mission.
Ross quickly decides on the mission.
He accepts it, rounding up his team.
He wants ross to retrieve.
To retrieve the item in Albania.
From a downed plane in Albania.
MAGGIE CHAN joins them.
They easily retrieve the item.
But after. They are ambushed.
JEAN VILAIN decided to push.
To demand the item they are holding tight.
In exchange for another human life.
That human happens to be.
That kid named Billy.
They give him what he wants.
But Jean doesn't give, what they want.
He then escapes in a helicopter.
While they bring back Billy's Body.
They recover a note from Billy's body.
Ross delivers it to Sophia.
Swearing that vengeance is near.
The Item is a computer.
Holding the location to bigger.
Vilain intends to find it and sell it.
While ross team tracks it.
Tracks down the signal.
Following Vilain with the signal.
They are then led to Bulgaria.
Where they stay overnight.
They wake up to the sight.
The sight of his men.
Driving a tank to attack them.
The Expendables fight as usual.
But eventually, run out of ammo.
They are saved by an old friend.
BOOKER puts it all to an end.
Before leaving. He informs ross.
That there is a nearby village.
One that opposes Jean Villain.
They find mostly armed parents.
Protecting their kids from his forces.
He picks some to work in his mine.
They save those in the mine.
Villain's men arrive for more villagers.
But end up killed by the expendables.
Villain can no longer hide.
The team also finds the mine.
The Expendables go inside it.
Then it suddenly collapses.
They find themselves trapped.
Trench and Church free them.
Joining the Expendables to kill Vilaine.
Stopping him from getting on the plane.

Sylvestor Stallone
Jason Statham
Jet Li
Chuck Norris
Jean Claude Van Dam
Jean Vilain

The Expendables 3

New Breed

After getting their revenge.
They extract a former Specialist.
DOCTOR DEATH. He's a team medic.
They extract him from a prison.
They extract him so he could help.
Help the team intercept.
A shipment of bombs to Somalia.
But they first reunite with Ceaser.
They go to the point and find out.
That the trader knows what they are about.
He co-founded the expendables base.
Ross presumed he was dead.
But see he was really misled.
A firefight breaks out.
They kill all but Conrad gets out.
Back home, he is given a mission.
To bring Conrad to justice.
He needs to be tried for his war crimes.
He's responsible for any that's died.
Ross blames himself for Ceaser's injuries.
He does not want his team.
To lose their lives following him.
So he disbands from them.
He looks for a younger team.
THORN and Mars as a sharpshooter.
Galgo. He asked to be included.
But Ross does not feel that he is suited.
Suited to take on the mission.
So Ross makes his decision.
He turns Galgo down.
Meanwhile, the elder guys are upset.
They can't understand why Ross let.
Why he let them go for new members.
But find out later.
Ross takes the new team to TRENCH MAUSER.
Trench owes ross a favor.
Later Ross team infiltrates.
Stonebanks meeting place.
He kills a few in the process.
In the end, they manage.
Manage to capture Stonebanks.
Ross finds why he left in the first place.
Ross nearly kills him to shut him up.
But Stonebanks team shows up.
They fire a missile at the team's van.
The young team becomes apart of the plan.
Stonebacks captures them all.
Ross is forced to call.
The rejected veteran in Galgo.
Along with the veteran Expendables.
Meanwhile, Ross sees his young team.
Stonebanks is challenging.
Challenging Ross to come get him.
Gives him the location to come meet him.
Ross and his veteran crew.
Rescue the young crew.
The Young mixes with the old.
They come together for the goal.
Eventually, they capture Stonebanks.
But Ross ends up killing Stonebanks.

Syllvestor Stallone
Jason Stateham
Wesley Snipes
Doctor Death
Antonio Bandares
Dolph Lundgern
Mel Gibson
Conrad Stonebanks

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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