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Exclusively - Prose

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There are songs that I sing in which I sing about God, entailing all of the things He has done and is doing or shall do,

In addition, there are songs I sing to God, describing and ascribing how I feel about Him to myself,

These songs are directed to Him exclusively; God will not share His glory, so I am careful not to offend myself by contending with the idea of changing His will,

I praise Him with the emotions that are reserved only for Him, in the space, I am permitted, He is exclusive because the object of other affections can divide,

Inclusive is not subjective, exclusive is, inclusive may feel better than exclusive at times, no one wants to be excluded, but can I always be included where God is not?

Exclusive speaks more of individual status, God is exclusive speaks volumes to the realist, The woe of prophecy spoken and written,

Including God, shirks responsibilities about adhering to laws foundationally brilliant, How is that working worldwide?, isn’t God excluded? How do I love what is excluded? Glory unshared, but not unspared,

How did God still find me after my exclusion? I am still operationally exclusive, Exclusivity sharpens my ability to stand alone, not to seek inclusion where it doesn’t exist,

I distinguish and discern and I know the difference, who is there that can be absolutely and totally kind, merciful, gracious, and loving all of the time, and miss a step?

These are emotions that comprise exclusive love because I can never, nor will I ever, Love anyone like I love God, He is hidden in exclusivity, not inclusion,

Inclusion is a bearer of falsity, exclusion just tells the truth main and simple, it is not hostile to tell it, it doesn’t welcome you and you really are not welcome,

That alone makes it my own love, praise, and worship, only I can perform, to and for God with an exclusive emotion, one untouched by contamination and others,

I can and I will love others, but not as I love Him! I must dig through all of the emotions I have ever experienced, the baggage is heavy and often a burden to carry,

Until I find that empty space, that untouched emotion that is only there exclusively for God, Emotions are marked for exclusive use! Be wise with emotions!

Making that emotion one that is set apart in my heart, exclusively alone toward the heart of God only, All relationships require sound emotions, that defy silence,

The most peaceful and tranquil are the reserved ones I have for God, I demote not, It is my response to His love for me, I love Him because He first loved me, and helped me to love myself,

This is the unique place I have come to where love is of a higher kind, the exclusive place where I ascertain that I love God,

All of the soil is cleansed away because the acknowledgment of repentance is first, not love, Repentance is exclusive, it is the most omitted quality of practical faith,

With all of my heart, mind, strength, and soul, It is repentant exclusive love! It is the space from where I love completely and exclusively!

The place called repentance is where honor resides, Exclusive love is different from other kinds of love, none can hold a candle, not eros (lust), storage (family), or philos (friends), It is unlike any other love for anyone or anything,

it is the space where anointing takes form, repentance hears the silence of anointing, and utterances are sounded,

The repentant anointed love for God that breaks yokes, It will break every yoke in pieces, my regret will always be that I didn't have repentance before the desire to love, to understand its correct use,

When love is not under false judgment, judgment is nowhere to be found, love opens repentant portals, doors, windows, and gates;

it grants me the advancement into new levels, new territories, and new realms, and commissions breakthroughs in my life,

It is love for the law-breaking through chaos, that points only to God, and His love echoes back to me, I love you exclusively,

Just as if I were the one and only one, the goodness of God leads to the place of repentant exclusivity, that I need to perceive glory to travel towards a glorious life.

I repent because it is an exclusive, civil, moral right and only I can do it for myself and in doing it I satisfy my spirit and soul oblation.

Grace and peace