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Evolutionary Tale of a Caustic Singleton Finding Their Way

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Strange to believe that's one perceptions of things changes daily

Began in one direction to end up in an entirely different one than intended

Things always meant to happen for reason; naïve but true overall

Very hard to believe that one year ago today

Life was very different than it was at the present moment

Stuck in a serious relationship in a shiny happy disguise

Of one that was dead on arrival from the very beginning

Still a vast improvement from two years ago at the same time

Landed in a bit of reckless predicament of the medical and mental

A making pushed by anxiety and too many different precriptions

Clashed to make a cocktail that no one fathomed at fun or healthy

Broke down to the point where the party just seemed to stop completely

Was ready to close up shop for some foolishly impulsive reason

Glad that reality seeped in at the right moment to prevent this early departure

Started down the road to healing properly holding hands with a handsome mate

Surprised that the support of one particular person made the party start up again

Turned it into a technicolor musical from the glorious old Hollywood of yesterday

Thought a forever home was found with a loving companion by the next year

Found out that it was a lie based on self deception and careful omission to details

Boy, when reality bites; it bites with a strong vengeance in glorious fashion

Needed at least two tetanus shots to recover from the sting of reality's grip

Took some time to watch meaningless action movies and cartoons

Still disgusted at the sight of true love's ultimate celebration

Preferred to watch love crumble on various crime shows and mysteries

Came to the realization that it was more than time to put a brave face on

Not ready to find a new companion in a forever capacity

Eager to put the past simply in the rearview mirror for good

Most logical place to put in the end; nowhere else to go with it anyways

Definitely not looking to go back in any way, shape or form

No more room at the inn anymore for liars and immaturity

Won't forget them for making it possible to believe that anyone can find love

Even romantics wrapped in carefully cynical cellophane

Ready to put those memories in a metaphorical box in an attic

Looking to move forward in whatever capacity life has to offer

Let's get this party started this time with extra loud music!

Ready to move on and find a forever type of future.

Ready to move on and find a forever type of future.

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