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Evolution in Reverse of a Former Slacker

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Carefully planned the future lightyears ahead of schedule

Fantasized about traveling down many winding roads

Never worried about the consequences until much later

Cultivated an organized route to travel down this year

Only to realize that best laid plans meant nothing

Thought to have been on the way upwards this time out

Didn't pay attention to the neon warning signs

Stranded at a crossroads that ended in two different directions

Indecisive on which one to choose for fear of missing out on either

Not trying to reflect too much on what was left behind

Decided that it was pointless to do so

Somewhat painful at times to think about the past

Made some youthful mistakes from being inexperienced

Ignored the warning signs of the train derailment

Until it was too late to take an alternative route

Ended up in a complete tailspin into oblivion

Dusted off the rubble after a long time assessing damage

Turned out to be mostly interior work that needed to be done

Made a conscious effort to live a structured existence

Only to sometimes crave a life of leisure laziness

Letting the grass grow under the bare feet

Not caring about the mess that had to be cleaned up

Turned out that it wasn't great plan in the long run

Managed to get up and move into a more routine lifestyle

Tried to be someone who didn't linger backwards

In the past for too long of a time period

Knew when it was time to say goodbye to certain things

A favorite concert t-shirt stained by washer machine discoloration

Held onto for nearly 13 years of infrequent wearing

Seemed to have gotten good use of it

Still have the back-up shirt my father bought alongside

At the same event he was dragged to so many years ago

Easier to get rid of shirts and knick-knacks that wore out welcome

Much more difficult to get past emotional scars

Those took longer to heal and a lot of therapy

If willing to do the work, time will heal those too

Decided the best uniform was that of rock star roadie

Wore the concert merchandise and had a relaxed approach

All that can be handled for the time being

Anything else would be too much of an effort.

The uniform of a weary traveler.

The uniform of a weary traveler.

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