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Everything Was Right Jack!

I write lyrical poetry with my own experience, events and life. 'Everything was right Jack!' describes that everything was for good in life


Everything was right Jack is a lyrical poetry which suggest what has happened in the life was for good and every incident that may good or bad makes our life better.

We may think that those past incidents were bad but when we look back we can see those incidents were necessary for our life.

Here the Tao monk showed the author his life and realized him how the bad incident of his life made him stand at his feet.

Everything was right Jack!

Ignoring all bad and goods,

I was wandering in rocky woods.

There I saw a Tao monk on the rock,

Perhaps he knew we would have a talk.

He called me to sit,

Like he had a gift.

He called me by my name,

And said he knows why here I came.

I could not but wonder,

His knowledge made me surrender.

He said me with a graceful voice,

Dear life has always a choice.

Like a stream and its flow,

Sometime fast, sometime slow.

But end is merge to the waves,

Even mountains can't prevent by hiding it in caves.

If you look back in your life with a rest,

You never use the knife that is in your jacket.

Before I wonder again,

The monk remind me my life's joy and pain.

You born in a poor family he told,

But everyone loved you so much as a gold!

But a storm came in you life,

Did you use there your knife?

New creation comes after a doom,

You all then moved to a new room.

Then you read in a friendly school,

That made you better and cool.

There also a doom came,

All you leave school at the day same.

All you cried in pain,

Memories in your mind only remain.

Then came your college days,

It also gave you many experiences.

It also didn't last,

Those days, memories and love was past.

The experiences made yourself to stand,

It made your life very very grand.

Are you forgetting those,

And stopping your life flows.

Those words were just lightning,

Which made me realising.

I threw that knife, took rest and knew,

Life is a flow, a way of view.

And when I looked back,

Said 'Everything was right Jack!'

© 2022 Lalit Prasad Mohanty

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