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Everything and Life…


Peering into darkness,

It envelops and consumes.

Threatening to devour all consciousness, will, body, power or thought.

An incessant searing pain,

That bores and harbours deep.

Sustained by internal hate and revulsion,

With no reprieve nor salvation.

Pray, may resolution befall,

That might impart, the grace of its illustrious light.

For faith, strength and infinite courage,

To defy this ailing plight.

Yet chaste unearthly memories,

Doggedly conjure and cajole,

Forging blatant misguided hopes.

Wholly lost amongst such stark and morose realties.

All existence is solely condemned to ruin,

As life does not belong to us alone.

It cannot be played nor eluded,

Merely we must live the misery amongst even the highest raptures we are bestowed.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge