Everyday I Do (Poem)

Updated on February 6, 2018

Meeting you was destiny,

But loving you was no serendipity,

My mind and my heart were not under a spell,

I have chosen to love you, And not unknowingly fell,

My mind remained sober, completely in reason,

I know what I have decided,

And that decision will fight through every coming season,

Your being has surrounded my thoughts,

Coloring it with bright pictures of our future,

Your face ever so clear, In every detail and in every feature,

Your eyes carry me away into a place where no love could escape,

Whispers of meaning has riveted my spirit,

Next to you is a place I always long to visit,

For I have loved you,

That includes your imperfections and assets,

In strength, we shall come together,

In weakness, we shall hold each other,

And this vow supplied and sustained by God's grace,

Will be more than just a status change,

It shall not be imprisoned in selfish intimacy,

Our prayer is that this love shall be guarded in light of eternity,

That's why my heart has pledged itself to love thee,

Beating in vigilance to keep emotions where it belongs,

For our love is truly felt,

But it shall only sing its first and last song,

You shall have me, and I shall have you,

To love as Christ has loved us,

To forgive as we were forgiven,

To always choose to trust,

For better, for worse,

Till death do us part,

By God's grace, we have each other's heart.



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    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 5 weeks ago

      An echo resonating to a blessed union honoring the creator's supernatural miracle of love. Amen and gratulations as you filled with complete joy, continue on your journey of "one".

      Peace and blessings.