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Every Night

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Thank you for stopping by! I teach drama, run a drama club, and write because I must.

A few days ago, I dreamed I had died. That experience inspired this little poem.

Every Night


Every night,

I lock the door, look

Under the table

And around the bed,

Turn one light off,

Wave the other on,

Check the shadows,

Get into bed,

And shut my eyes

Before darkness falls.

Then I remember

The top of my shelf.

What if something

Is squatting there,

Staring down

With wicked intent?

Turn the light on,

Look up, look down,

Under the table

And around the bed.

Every night,

Death watches me

Looking for lurkers,

On top of the shelf,

Under the table

And around the bed.

He laughs as I turn in,

Turn on my side,

Look straight at him,

And shut my eyes.

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