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Every Me Can Turn Time

A novelist, a poet, a love coach, and a motivational speaker.


Every me can turn time.

I am some traveller,
Walking through earth,
Awakening dreams,
Making miracles count-
Like Lazarus walking out of death.

I pitch my flag on
A small world
called my own,
Where time does not matter
And days do not read:
But my neighbours
Mock intelligence,
And I am even more afraid to sell wisdom.

I choose to step before
And after
As I desire;
A maiden of geography
Has nothing to fear:
Why should I face circumstance,
And how can I be late?
My decisions repairs time.

I turn the lines,
And all lives run south;
Their heart,
Your kidney,
And past,
All just covers in my twenty four hour.

I own time,
Three hundred and sixty five fear me,
I have become a small god,
Week and month guards me
And that man you call days;
Opens my gate.

I stand in all twenty four time zone,
I throw one hand,
And I am in tomorrow,
I fling a leg,
And I am in yesterday,
I can do all these standing in today:
Who am I?

I am a time traveller.

Dedicated to Jonathan Owah, and Syd DrSydney. Thanks for inspiring the title.

Travel with time and become faster than time.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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