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Every Change Brings Changes


Change is a common

Word globally for what

Is constant is the change

Other things are not

As constant as change

Even the so called

Scientific constants they are

Not as constant as

The thing called change


In the heaven-lies that’s

Where we first noticed

Change for its written

The Morning Star organized

The first coup-detat against Elohim

And pulled one-third angels

Into his camp all

Because they were tired

Of Elohim’s rulership and

Craved for changes. Change

Did happen as they

Were overwhelmed by the

Holy ones and cast

Out of the place

Of eternal bliss n enjoyment


In the first garden

Where Adam lived, he

Would not know that

Serpent that many theologians

Believed to be the

Closest animal to man

Base on the missing

Link that could nay

Be traced on the

Evolution tree, has changed

The changes that happen

To serpent propel it

To desire for changes

In humans thus walked

It up to the first woman

The mother of all

Living perhaps under some

Strange influences to convince

Her to embrace changes

This perhaps is the

First campaign in the world

Serpent won over the

Heart of mother of

All humans and she

In turn would win

The heart of her

Lover, the first Adam

And changes occur in

The garden. This did

Not catch Elohim unawares

He knows such

Would happen, thus resulting

In another change the

curses, separations, debase pronouncements

And ultimately the casting

Off from the peace filled garden


Since this period, every

Change would always bring

Changes in the world

To man and all

Living therein with him

The changes that would

Occur would manifest in

Different formats however chiefly

Among them is promotion and demotion

When God has been

Sending signals to men

Which they are erring

From he would call

For overhaul which would

Either be national, regional

Continental and or on

Global scale as it

Could be noticed now

In the world and

When such happens man

Would be left with

No other options other

Than caving in to

The highest ruling authority

In heaven, earth and beneath

To allow for the

Manifestation of the changes

Histories are replete with

Something as this we

Therefore should neither be

Discouraged nor disappointed by

The global pandemic for

It is certain that

After God has finished

His works we shall

See those changes amongst us, humanity

As some would be

Promoted while some would

Be demoted. The common

Names over some decades

May not be heard

Again or minimally heard of

While new names would

Start reverberating in the

Ears of mankind

This is none other

Than God’s changes and

It is called

The Lord’s doing, which

Is always seen as

Being marvelous before men


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