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Every Broken Piece of Me; a Poem

Dana Tate is a passionate poet who doesn't have a certain style. She's effected by the things she sees which gives her poems a unique flair.

I can't remember where or when I heard the word "broken" or, " broken pieces." I remember hearing the word, and having it jump out at me. I knew then there was some significance behind it.

As Weeks and months turned into years, pieces dropped in my soul, providing me with pieces of a puzzle. The vision or, should I say understanding of the vision, would become clearer with each piece.

The pieces were something I either saw, heard, or read. As with all the broken pieces I felt there was some significance behind it. Finally, after five years, all the pieces were in place, and this is how the puzzle spoke to me.


Broken by relationships, family and friends.

I left a trail of broken pieces, some to broken to mend.

I thought those scars were hidden within.

Carefully covered under layers of skin.


A mother who was loving but had scars of her own.

A father broken by life, no strength to comfort his own.

Oh Lord, I thought those scars were hidden within!

I thought I carefully covered them under layers of skin.

I Swore I wouldn't' crumble,

would never fall though I might stumble,

Never imagining eyes could see,






Those scars you wear, may even swear are well hidden.

Are crying at night and my ears can surely hear them.

Their filled with acrimonies and my eyes can clearly see.

Every scar...

Every pebble...

Every scattered...

Little piece.


Shattered like glass by some things in your past.

You've tried in vain to conceal them,

My mercy is urging Me to heal them.

I hear each testimony,

And, My eyes can surely see .

Every shard...

Every pebble...

Every broken...

little piece.

The poem seemed to answer questions I had such as:

  • Why do strangers draw to me and just pour out their troubles?
  • Why do strangers ask me to pray for them. How do they know I'm a praying woman?
  • Why do I feel a pull into the ministry. What do I have to offer when there's so many people already?

The testimony of those who overcame challenges is powerful. Many people bare scars of some kind. Allow your scars to have a voice, give them a platform. Allow them to speak healing, encouragement and understanding into the scars of those who are hurting. Testimonies are powerful. If you've been through something and survived, they can too.

For five years I went through the motions of trying to complete this poem on my own. Every time a piece dropped I would run to my computer only to find out I didn't have all the pieces or a clear understanding. I went from thinking it was a poem about being broken, to our broken world, to broken situations. Really the poem was all three combined into one puzzle.

The vision came to me layered in broken pieces and the poem is about me a woman who understood her destiny once all the broken pieces fell into place giving her a clear vision.

© 2019 Dana Tate

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