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Simple Acts of Kindness

Lora has been a featured writer in poetry publications. She is currently working on a collection of poems that inspire a love of nature.


Every Little Deed

For every little seed

carried by the wind

or bird on wing...

a new plant may spring.

Each little drop of water

from clouds descend,

flow into great rivers

where so much life depends.

Every little ray of sunshine

helps plants to grow strong

and with a little care

may bring fruit to bear...

Like each part in nature

so are we-

in doing a kind deed,

helping a living being in need;

As a kind word

or an action

to timely send...

can a broken heart mend.

Important is my life you see...

it is not such a small thing

to make a heart sing,

and to alter a destiny.

Great changes can be wrought

from little deeds brought;

humble creatures together change

the landscape of earth-

each act has worth.

Every note plays its part

to create the loveliest song...

so does nature intricately woven

in the fabric of this earth to which we belong.

As gentle showers

bring forth abundant flowers,

kind deeds can reign...

creating near a heaven's domain.

-Lora Hollings

"True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others." - Alek Wek

Simple Acts of Kindness

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Coretta Scott King


Eugene man helping homeless people with free haircuts

After four drug overdoses and serving time behind bars, Lucas has found purpose in barbering. He’s now giving free haircuts to homeless people. He hopes that his haircuts will give the homeless, the self-esteem that they need to change their own lives. “Hopefully, it will give them the will to get a job or something,” he said.

Ashlee Wiese, a local defense attorney who has represented Lucas, said she has seen such a transformation first-hand.

“We had a woman who got her haircut, and it was a whole new life for her at that moment,” she said. “She just felt so much better about who she was just because someone cared enough to help her feel better about the way she looked.”


D.C. restaurant feeds the poor and homeless every single day

After Kazi Mannan, owner of Sakina Halal Grill opened his restaurant in 2013, he decided homeless people eat for free.

"If someone says I need a free meal, OK," Mannan said. He doesn't ask questions and never judges anyone. His policy has remained the same for the last five years. If you're hungry, poor or homeless, you eat for free. In 2018, he estimates they served over 16,000 free meals."

An immigrant from a small village in Pakistan, when he arrived to the United States, he had less than $5 in his pocket. "Once upon a time, I was in a similar situation where I didn't have enough money to eat. You pass by a restaurant but never able to go in. When you don't have money, nobody is going to let you in," he said.

Mannan is a person whose kind heart and positive energy vibrates throughout his restaurant. "I don't want any donation but if you're coming in to eat, that's your support of helping a community restaurant that is offering kindness and love others," Mannan said. "I'm trying to worship our Creator through food."


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Students helping each other

Students helping each other

© 2019 Lora Hollings

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