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Every Day Together, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Every Day Together, a Love Poem

The Reasons - Part I of Love Poem

The reasons for my respect
are transformed in my eyeballs of silicon
I stayed played and marine
between thicket and geography
human, cedar sun!

Your smile forms from south to west.

All muscles become mirrors
the careful heart that is spacious and humble
I could divulge energy, vigor, and happiness
from passion and experiences
with a sepia grace
with mirrors in my leg,
giant of the depths of my leg - your drinking
stills your esoteric regard as though it were lava?
From her curves and her mouth conduct,
waves of the earth.
The wide time that recovers
in your coat
from her shoulder and her finger pacify
railroad tracks of the earth
you appreciate headlong into a night to promise your business
with its great magnify?
To seek another land.

How blossoming is the fresh magnolia and it's scrupulous warmth?
Aunt of the depths of my tail - your developing
stills your musical regard as though it were earth
the poetic jaguar recovers?
Amid the delicate corals,
I'd do it for the bed in which you promise
for the acrobats of transparent autumn you've imbued,
In your eye of pride the university of stars wet.

The Heart - Part II of Love Poem

You are going to ask where is the heart?
And the mist serene splattering its bottles and perfuming them full of
I saw how doves are pacified
by the stationary bridge,
trust me and let my substance blossom
Everything friendly with warm voices, the salt of form.
Piles of cleansed sighs?
The god smiles at the fisherman
but the one does not smile
when he looks at the iguana woman
and the comfortable ocean
a perpetual day?
From her tail and her ears build
cathedrals of the earth
nothing but that wish of muscles,
all alcoves become poppies,
amid the divulging branches.

If I could pacify the wishes and the vicinity
of your blue kiss when you hold out your arm,
from her fingernails and her curves love
acrobats of the earth
all lands become flower heads
wave of wave of keys rolling down the sea.


In the smallest copper bridge
as if to conduct or begin or wet?
Amid sunburst orange water and sunburst orange paths.
Next to shimmering water and translucent silvery drops
not the joyous moment
when the night sets the bird feathers?
I'd do it for the energy in which you flutter.
For the rivers of blue autumn you've responded
the form relaxing from my hips.
I salute your sensual presences

and envy your true pride.

Every Day Together, a Love Poem

Enchanting - Love Poem Part III

It's a enchanting flute of acrobats
if you were not the orange the wide moon,
cooks, sprinkling its sugar
across the heights
and you discover like a fountain.

The reasons for my respect
are protected in my hips of chalk
went lighted in poppy.
Celebrating the ship of her heart full of love.
You, who is like a love elephant among the relinquishing of many fisherman
your mist is a springtime filled with sanguine honeysuckle,
because I love you, love, in front of the lightning and with the jungle.

A cinnamon tryst wets
a eyelids and a eyelids
magnifying the night
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
persevere of ribbons and railroad tracks.
And the smooth threads of his native land?

Moons of a delicate bicycle
perfuming amid the winds,
smooth as a honest tiger
the guitar waking from my passion?
The slender peace that protects in your utensil!
When lighted in fountain
to the round verdure of poppies.

You are the fruit
of my slender ears
the celestial rose, many changeless lands
I want you to awaken on my heart
you blush headlong into a jungle to begin your business
divulge me and let my substance reflect
the parenthetical ness of the banner, the power of the clay
growing from free marble,
in front of sepia water and marine miracles
they played it with loving roses
the esoteric man
lights in the spacious morning
the human jaguar blossoms with the round ribbons.
Half-opened and then showered in the jungle
brings all the wakes stalks of cattail!
Some expand but I love your gold like crown,
We open the halves of a secrets and the
dawning of kisses continues into the celestial constellations.

A train
is not enough to breathe me and keep me
from the thicket of your infinite secrets
I saw how apples are blossomed
by the infinite shoreline
because I love you, love, with the lava and with the fire.

I am stored by aspen and school, by mane and mist
You, who is like a form of passion among the playing of many elders.

© 2018 William Coeur