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Everville ~ a Place of Dreams

John loves to read, especially crime, fantasy, psychological thrillers, and sci-fi novels. He also writes poetry and short fiction.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Is Fact More Shocking Than Fiction?

In a work of fiction, you can create a scenario in which anything can happen, no matter how shocking, or unimaginable. The novel "Everville," contains its share of shocks and fantastic scenes, however little in fiction can outdo the 'factual" account of what is happening in the world in 2020.

I had read a few novels about deadly viruses such as ebola and the like, threatening the world prior to the Covid-19 outbreak but always saw them as, or hoped, they would be science fiction. Little was I to know it would become a reality in my lifetime. And now the rioting and civil unrest to top it all off. I am sure this year will, in turn, spur a plethora of dystopian books and novels.

Anyway, now for a poem.

Everville ~ a Place of Dreams

There is a town called Everville,

a place where dreams come true.

But, beware what lurks within your mind

for nightmares are dreams too!

Townspeople go about their lives,

and quite mundane that seems.

But on a mountain high above the town

Is a portal to their dreams.

On the highest peak a doorway leads

to the shores of a dream-sea.

The dream sea known as Quiddity,

where fantasies run free.

It's a place of deepest yearnings,

for understanding, love, and hope,

and an unbridled sensual wonderland

beyond the realm that most can cope.

Meanwhile, in the sleepy town below

life's not as it appears.

for the skeletons are restless

in the closet of all fears.

And evil lurks in shadows.

There are secrets from the past

that, when revealed, will alter lives

and leave witnesses aghast.

For there are monsters threatening our dreams,

hiding in our mind's dark places,

and the most terrible of them all

are the ones with human faces.

So, if you chance to wander

onto the streets of Everville,

make sure you keep on passing through,

or escape (unchanged) you never will.

Everville, a novel by Clive Barker

Everville, a novel by Clive Barker

Off the Shelf: Everville by Clive Barker

It is difficult to describe this book published by Clive Barker in 1994. I have categorized it as fantasy/psychological thriller. In fact, Amazon lists Everville as "horror/dark fantasy" so let's go with that.

Everville is is a fictional city/town situated in Oregon USA, and is actually the "Second Book of the Art" or continuation of Clive Barker's best-seller 'The Great and Secret Show, which, I have not yet read. It would probably be helpful to have sat down with that first, but I feel this book can also stand on its own quite well.

From the flyleaf of the book: "Step into Everville's streets, and enter a world like no other fiction, created by a man whom the Washington Post called: 'a mapmaker of the mind, charting the furthest reaches of the imagination.'"

My poem above is actually my brief description of the actual book, unlike most of my poems in the 'Off the Shelf' series. As the flyleaf description eludes this really is a world like no other fiction I have ever read, and Barker is a master of creating such settings, another example being his novel 'Weaveworld,’ which I also own a copy of, as well as ‘Cabal.’ I can thoroughly recommend both of these books too.

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