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Everlasting Love - There is a Love That Never Dies; It Lives Within the Heart

Joyette Fabien wrote poetry in her youth. Not much of a talker, poetry became her primary response to life's ups and downs.

The Love Flower - Majestic in Beauty


Part 1 - Limit on Love

There was a young doctor once

Who travelled from a foreign land

To serve the under-served

In a small Caribbean land

He met this pretty, island nurse

She liked him; he liked her

And by and by (though they shouldn’t)

They were falling in love with each other

They talked about it; built dreams around it

But finally, had to face the fact

That their destinies led down different paths

They did not belong together

Yet despite all they resolved not to do

Despite all their efforts to stay apart

Their love seemed to have a life of its own

It bloomed brightly; it flowered

They tried their best to stifle it

But all they did just kindled it

Now there’s this beautiful flower

Which they know must fade away

It must not shrivel; it must not wilt

Head up proud, majestic in beauty

It will but gradually, slowly, fade away

Slowly, for there must be no regret

Then it will be lifted out and laid to rest

Within the recesses of those two hearts

And there its memory will forever remain

For memory has no limits

Part 2 - Soon You’ll Be Gone

Soon you’ll be gone

And all of you’ll be gone

Soon you’ll be gone…

To start your life anew

To sow your dreams seeds

To chart a new direction

To walk your chosen path

Soon you’ll be gone…

Back among your kind

To be who you’re meant to be

To revert to being you

To start creating yours

Soon you’ll be gone…

Taking all of you with you

Forever you’ll be gone

And all of you’ll be gone

Part 3 - When You’ll Be Gone

There are certain little things

That’ll always remind me of you:

A song you once sang

A road we once walked together

A little stream we discovered

Another spot that only we knew

There are other little things

That you used to like to do:

Like preparing sandwiches for our hikes

Like carrying mints in your pockets

Like making little chocolate things

Especially for me

But most of all is your sober mind

The soul mate I found in you:

The you I prayed with

And studied the Bible with

The you I could bare my heart to

And who was always such fun to be with

There are certain little things

That’ll always remind me of you!


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© 2022 Joyette Helen Fabien

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