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Ever Since We Said I Do She Changed, to a Point Were I Honestly Don't Know Who She Is Anymore.

I hate every part of you

I just hate what you have become,

This life you want to live.

When is this fairytale going to be done?

I can’t stand those sly comments that you push and push until my hands shake.

I give in and say I love you; to be honest, I can’t help but think this was a mistake.

I just hate the attitude you give me, as if I’m not human or don’t have feelings.

I’m not acting like a girl,

It just hurts when you give a girl the world, but she turns into a rotten showgirl

looking for attention.

What’s so sad is that you don’t even care.

I hate your feelings because you won’t listen to mine.

I speak, and you tell me I’m being unkind,

So you try to get back at me in a worse way as if I’m a child playing kid’s games.

I hate the way you move. I don’t know if I can take it,

Out all hours of the night instead of spending time with me,

The man that holds your key.

I hate this relationship as there is no 50/50, just one person

Acting and playing a part that I should have seen from the start.

I hate this marriage, I thought we were together,

But something scared you

Afraid of the title or mention of the word ‘marriage.’

You just keep pushing me away, not even caring if I want to stay or yell out in pain.

I honestly can’t tell you

I hate you because deep down I know I still love you,

But the thing that bothers me and plugs my mind

Is, “Can you give me back the person lost inside?

Can you give her back?

Can you even find that lonely girl?”