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To Marry a Poet

Bea is an amateur writer who drinks too much coffee and reads way too many romance novels.

Lilacs in a book - To Marry a Poet

When I become a poet,

I'll marry you,

Put you in my phrases

And color you blue.

I'll lyric you with lilacs

And kiss you in the rain,

Then walk you to the beach

To alleviate your pain.

I'll laugh with you in heartache

And hold you when you cry,

Pick you stars and dandelions

Just to see you smile.

I'll play you the piano

And offer you a song;

I'll do anything to win you

And keep you here for long.

I'll stay with you forever

'Cause what we have is true;

So when I become a poet,

Please say 'I do.'

© 2022 Bea Forlales

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