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Even in Chaos Find Hope

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Staying focused and on task becomes a challenge everyday.

Thoughts bouncing off the walls of my mind with no rhyme or reason.

I'm falling, just trying to land upright.

However, it seems I keep falling and failing.

Alone with despair.

Trying to find my way.

Feelings of being lost and alone.

An emptiness inside.

A longing to be whole again.

How do I stop the chaos in the mind?

Mayhem running rampant through my mind.

Chaos and mayhem stomping through my head.

Both creating obstacles along the way.

Roadblocks to hurdle.

All I can do is to keep hurdling the obstacles along the way.

Every struggle I overcome brings back hope.

With hope, I keep jumping the hurdles.

Another hurdle, another day.

© 2022 Cindi

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