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Even Cowgirls Ride into the Sunset by Themselves

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Wow, what a difference one minor speed bump made

Changed the course of one's future in some capacity

Going left instead of right off the cliff into complete obscurity

Believed that it was for the better; hard to tell at the moment

Putting one foot in front of the other to prove naysayers wrong

Head been stuck in the clouds for far too long

Unsure if it was by accident or by careful design

Well, the rose colored glasses have been destroyed as a result

No longer walking around with blinders to what was in front the whole time

Sadness came and went like the ever evolving tides on the North Shore

Time to spit out the salt water, dry off and get off this train to nowhere

Moving on to bigger and better things by simply being vertical for a change

Nearly 40 days out of the emotional wilderness

After getting their heart trampled on by a pack of wild horses

Running for parts unknown and away from civilization

Mr. Ed looking to not be tamed by Wilbur and his family anymore

Charlotte was spinning a new web that wasn't connected to the barn

Or anything in particular at the moment

This spider was on the move and ready to roam

Climbing the walls and onto the wild blue yonder

Looking for places to explore and new territories to see

Ulterior motive to forget about previously visited towns and houses

Erasing all traces of the past in an effort to move forward

Eager to not give up on tomorrow, while remembering to not eradicate yesterday

Past wasn't all entirely bad as the chest wounds made it out to be

Just the exit and the aftermath that made it sting a lot worse

Looking to develop a thicker skin; an extra coating to protect the body

From ruthless creatures looking to poke and prod their way in

Polluting everything that made you a unique individual

Smoothing out the nooks and crannies into a generic Hollywood feature

Enjoying all the rainbow sherbet a body can reasonably withstand

Having a private party for one in Scooby Doo pajamas

Not worrying about having lip stick on, or even foundation for that matter

Done trying to be the imaginary domestic goddess that never existed

Focused on having solo adventures

No need to add a partner just yet.

Need to clean up the mess that horse made when he left

Until then, this heroine rode alone for better or worse.

Time to ride off for parts unknown, with or without a partner.

Time to ride off for parts unknown, with or without a partner.

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