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Even Atlas Needed Help


Another long day

Dragging my body up the stairs

My door was only a few more steps away

To my surprise, you were sitting there

“Locked out?” I asked, to no response

Impatiently, I turned my head

Placing my key into the lock

Frozen in place by the words you said

“Can we talk for a moment? I just need someone to listen”

A strange request to make of a neighbor

Especially at this time of day

Can’t we solve this problem later?

My hand latched onto the handle of the door

My stomach continued to roar some more

But for some reason I could not ignore

The person sitting across the floor

Of all the times we met before

I’ve only ever seen you smile

Your car and furniture brand new

Your clothes always in style

Of all the times we met before

You were the one cheering me up

My empty fridge and dead-end job

Motivated only by the coffee in my cup

I wondered if you always felt this way

Putting posters over the holes in the wall

Knowing that your legs are exhausted

Yet choosing to keep standing tall

I took my seat on the carpet below

I must confess that I wanted to know

What baggage could make feel so low

How I could help you let it all go

The hours ticked by

I had not one regret

I’m glad to have been the one

To help lift that weight off your chest

There is no need to suffocate

In me, you can trust

No burden is too heavy

For the both of us

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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