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Evasive Happiness

A writer, environmentalist, marketer and an Idealist. And mother to a cute pink nosed labrador.

Why happiness, you evade me every time?

You show your shadow,

A shadow full of hope and light!

You show me what my heart desires.

Just to hide from me, to remind- you are not mine.

Why happiness, you evade me everytime?

You gave me the sweet melancholy of future dreams.

And it was enough to light the hope of life.

But it was in vain.

Why happiness you, evade me everytime?

Is it because you don't belong to me?

Is it because you were never mine?

I didn't ask for you.

I didn't ask for your hope.

I didn't ask for your light.

I never asked to be revived,

I was not dead but was not among the living.

That's why I ask you evasive happiness,

"Why light hope in my heart?

Why bring me out of darkness,

Just to throw me back in?"

© 2022 Aarti Nair

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