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Gel has been trying to write poems since she read Slammed by Colleen Hoover in 2013.

You're not trapped, you're just on a rest stop

You're not trapped, you're just on a rest stop


It started with something little
I didn't even see
"I need a refill"
I'm still sipping my 3rd cup of coffee

That small act
Started last week
I was fine, I was in tact
But then I became meek

"Maybe it's the coffee?"
"Maybe it's PMS?"
"Maybe I just need more coffee?"
"Just not a good day, I guess."

It wasn't the caffeine
That's keeping me awake
PMS isn't making me mean
Or put up this face, a fake

I was getting drowned again
I have to keep afloat this time
I'm not like I was back then
I know my worth isn't just a dime

I don't have to digest
Every little thing you say
Or keep it all in my chest
Making my own emotions decay

Or maybe it's my family
That makes me feel small
It's all my fault, really
A lot of things I can't control

I wanna cry
I wanna breakdown
But they're here to pry
And I don't want them to frown

I'm blessed despite it all
So why can't I just be satisfied
And live not dwelling on my fall
I just want to confide

But I don't know what to say
Or where to begin
I just wanna go away
But I also wanna win

Once more, I'm stuck
I'm in the middle
Just as my luck
Begins to dwindle

My thumbs started to tap
Word after word, I breathed
This will be my map
To my soul underneath

Dear myself, you are loved
You make this world better
You were just numbed
You just needed a reminder

Just living through another day
Already takes a lot
And this little delay
Gives you more time for your shot

Dear Myself, don't get lost again

© 2020 Genne Arcangel


Genne Arcangel (author) from Philippines on June 18, 2020:

Yes. This, too, shall pass

Ahlgilyn Cabanado from Philippines on June 17, 2020:

We're gonna get through this trying times.

Genne Arcangel (author) from Philippines on June 17, 2020:

Thank you for appreciating this. We all have times where we feel defeated or stuck but I believe that a break will always come through. So, rest if you're tired then move forward. No matter how small, progress is progress.

Brett Anne from Butuan City, Caraga, Philippines on June 17, 2020:

This is truly a remarkable piece! I loved every bit of it, as it also somehow relates to what i'm feeling. Thank you for sharing!

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