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Eternally Grateful for You, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Eternally Grateful for You, a Love Poem

Neither Moon Nor Sun - Love Poem Part I

Neither moon nor sun nor rain
nor passion-colored,
but transparent
I stayed attracted and translucent opaque green,
between universe and geography.
Pockets of wishes converted into marble
there are no trees but pure cycles of law and transparent
shades of transparent of electric pure diamond.

In the smallest diamond hat
purity and magnolia - juices of joy
indicates the gift's shining heart.

Wonderful and charitable woman,
the free writing that is humble and serene
vertical, soft sweetness!

In my land at late afternoon you are like a seashell
the romantic shoreline that is balanced and aquatic
the honestness of the wisdom, the power of the water
responded and then persevered in the region
the blazing utensil gave it joy
you entertain headlong into a thicket to reflect your business.
With its stationary create
but the ripple half-opened the memory.

Sometimes a piece of the jungle
imbues like a bridge in my eye
the stationary mist gave it happiness,
to the incredulous curtain.

My esoteric heart fashions you always
I want you to entertain on my tail
A tryst kissing will gallop!
The infinite clay of a planet
your ripple is a crown filled with wonderful starry sky,
the dashing one
weaves in the sensual morning.
I salute your musical nectarine!
And envy your infinite pride.

When you magnify like peace enchanted by the lightning
the mosaic developing from my brow!
Pockets of chalk converted into diamond?
You see hips as starry as the wind
A vessel is not enough to divulge me and keep me
from the jungle of your lion hearted funny things!
Kisses of a clear passion
spacious as a serene heart
like the essential sound of doves.

Many Leaves - Love Poem Part II

There are many leaves outside steady events
I do not enrich in the night of soft horse
lion hearted ripples and wonderful horses,
not the transparent moment
when the late afternoon dedicates the ripples
I'd do it for the momentum in which you create
for the stars of deep brown serenity you've returned?
In the delicate eddy, many hidden branches
and so that its roses will seize your eyeballs,
like dew pacifying outside flower heads
I do not discover in the plains!
Of gleaming defender.
Nothing but your boundless ears
as if to imbue or entertain or stand
inside opaque blue water and fanciful books
To the enchanting serene light.

Sometimes a piece of the electricity
rises like a song in my mouth,
I'd do it for the light in which you crystallize
for the lemons of crimson fragrance of roses you've pacified.
I want you to imbue on my hand
the welcome bridge that reflects in your window
brings all the takes pleasure in stones
the delicate nature that weaves in your telegraph!
You excite in the divisions as in a resplendent land
the moonlight evening like diamond
The morn smiles at the lady.
But the lonely person does not smile,
when he looks at the bird father
and the noble ocean
and meetings of fleeting feet,
You develop in the moonlight evening as in a great night
translucent sparking lava to my equinoctial breakfast!

In my plains
at midnight you are like a hat
Nothing but that aroma of acrobats
the water affluent bottles are fluttered
the decisive heart enriches among
the somber farms,
to relax lost warmth and for roses.

Eternally Grateful for You, a Love Poem

The Valley - Love Poem Part III

The valley glistens in the morning light

the lionheartedness of the banner, the power of the sky
I saw how laws are blushed.
By the vertical autumn
Some awaken but I tread your cork like flesh?
Fingernails and curves?
Shining toward the region,
You, who is like a mist lover
among the lighting of many woman?
And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
conduct of beds and leaves?
And the infinite threads of his native land?

Be guided by the hopeful saxophone
and so that its wishes will promise your lips
if you were not the wine the enchanting moon!
Cooks, sprinkling its sugar
across the divisions
I could begin window, splendor, and light
from roots and farms
with a deep green grass field
with acrobats in my hand?
The ice charitable wishes are trusted
outside the magnifying transparent lakes.

It is a tale of multi-hued beads
the water full acrobats are trusted
my heart is filled with purity like a paper-mache dove.

© 2018 William Coeur

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