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Eternal Dominion

Writing poetry helps me express complex ideas without the need of observing the quintessential forms and volumes.

Milton’s is a testimony of how God put down His feet
And established His Sovereignty within the borders of heaven.
In his writ, the tale was narrated by the wounded antagonists –
And no place being found for them on high,
A change of residence was imperative.

What sounds of joy rang through the heavenly courts,
At the re-establishment of God’s sovereignty in heaven.
Little wonder, that at the laying of claim to the territory
Of a man’s heart on earth, there is likewise
A glorious rejoicing amongst the Holy beings.

God beheld all of His creation, and lo it was all good;
But a plague-spot was found brewing within Lucifer.
Auto-sanitation of Holy creatures purged this plague;
Down the drain pipes of heaven, it came.
Woe to the receiving earth for it is defiled.

The epitome of God’s creation could not be lost.
In a bid to reclaim lost territory, an expedition was dispatched
The Captain of this expedition took with Him seeds,
Of Holiness to be replicated on earth.
But these seeds are too sensitive to be bored like every other.

Within His heart chambers, the seeds laid rested.
Like a suicide bomber He came, but regenerative in this case;
For the seeds in Him to reproduce, the bearer must be broken.
He stayed not till the cross to die; He laid it down after Jordan.
And when the seeds did die, with them went the bearing vessel.

Who can willingly go on such an expedition?
Lucifer, the temporal ruler, saw the emissary planted.
Little did he know, that in his heart He bore seeds;
Hardly did even His disciples know, till the third day –
One came telling, of a plumule seen.

Rejoice! The Kingdom of God on defiled soil is planted,
Behold, the Lily springing spotless out of muddy swamp.
Glory! For the Kingdom of God is come to men;
The seed has been lost, but appears again
It fought its way through the earth-clods, and blossomed victoriously.

Its beauty so shorn, the disciples feigned touch it.
But suffered it still to be, for it was yet to be strengthened –
By the heavenly rays.
He to them promised gifts; yea, fruits which doeth grow
Nowhere but the heavenly courts.

Upon eating this fruit in the upper room,
They went all, to tell others; of how sweet He is.
Say, how were they to show them – the sweetness
If their hearers do accede?
To produce more fruits, the Captain’s directions they followed.

Unknown to them, this seed they also bear;
From the upper room fruits they ate.
Upon knowing this, out they went; like the Lily
On Mediterranean soil to plant themselves –
Flesh, life and all.

Each time the bloomy leaves the Devil sees,
He makes to trample under feet.
Many are the lives being planted,
The earth awaits your precious seeds; for God’s kingdom to manifest.
As in Heaven, so to be on earth.

© 2020 Daniel Idowu