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Essence of Life

Kshipra is a student pursuing masters from JNU, India. She loves reading and writing poetry and wants to publish her poems someday.

We've all heard it before

thrown randomly at us

This discourse, contemplated often

In movies, on sofas or in mountains

Disconcerting... for it's unwanted

We've not painted it that way

From the spectrums of dreamy eyes

On shelves of our hooded selves

For instance, wealth will come and go

Till the time it stays, an alacrity

And if gone tomorrow, a fear

Both ways, a sorrow!!!

The prestige with toil created

Is but a shy bride off stage

He is as much hated

As he is respected !

And love is a bond

Permanent or temporary

Even if lasts long

Will ache in the memory !

So the discourse mounted

From wisemen's mouth

Stands as labyrinth

As ultimate truth...

Indeed you guessed it right

To be living and breathing

Is the essence of life!

© 2018 Kshipra Pal