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Essay On Death

As a philosophy Elijah's wisdom's made his poetic side reared its head while attempting to write his life story during his transitioning.

Essay On Death

What is death that most man should abhor,
that a poet of old called Crossing The Bar
when the body lays inactive and deteriorating?
Why should we be afraid of the segregating
of the body from its motivating source
commonly called the ghost or life force?

A singer once said, I'm afraid to die,
I don't know what's in store ... beyond the sky

and why should man be so afraid of death
though pains rack the body with every breath?

Death is called sleep by some worshipped sages,
some writs say man rest, often for many ages;
into a burning hell others think they'll be cast
to forever pay for deeds in thieir living past.

It's not knowing one's reward is why man are afraid,
most see their deeds as having the prine to be paid
of eternal burning in hell they think they'll pay.
Since most man think the earth's end is on its way
and afterwards their reward for living has no end
they accept the known no matter the shape they're in.

Another meaning to death is simply being changed,
where thoughts and beliefs are fully rearranged
until one's ways friends and family can't understand
because their way life only a few will or can.

That, too, is a death most that man abhor,
giving up what others have taught us we are
to travel the path only few have ever gone
to teach us the wisdom only those few have known.

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