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Especially Me

Think back When Things Were Simple

Here we all grown up

In a world that is forever changing

Working and trying to make a difference

Loving the things that make us ultimately happy

Spending time around people that connect with our views and philosophy in life

Taking are most difficult times and spinning them around and around

Like yarn on a big wheel

Trying to make sense of the impossible

Filling in the gaps on the unpredictable

Always questioning and wondering with deep curiosity

How do we make it happen?

What will we do next?

Challenging ourselves when ever we get the chance

Realizing we are just one person

Time is in short supply

Relying on old positive vibes

To push us through the really small opening

The window of opportunity

Giving are greatest blessings for all that we have accomplished and received

Finding the love that we have always wanted and needed

Spreading it through the world

Every chance we get

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