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Escaping, Longing to Live

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

"She always searches for a moment of love."

"She always searches for a moment of love."

My breath is liken to a furnace hot with flames
My chest is hurt from reaching for you.
No idol loved ever comes in truth-wrapped names.
If only I could find you, love you, and live as two.

Lonely has never taken to this hobo's surrendered hand
No. "She" was clothed in rags, hating her rocky, evil land.
And "he" walked by ever so briskly winking at me.
Evil man, foolish man, where is thy silver band?

No chariot with horses speed could catch "him" today
He was busy, working, helping to find my way.
Then the rains came taking my pulse away.
I heard him walk harshly with his two feet of clay.

Just let me escape, long to find you, and live, I've prayed
Oh, so very long, nights, days, in moon's season's pure.
But once, "I" obeyed the Queen's stars, and rainbow stayed.
I just cry to empty bed, stare from window that I endure.

Drop by drop of useless blood falls in narrow vanities fair
Purple princess' silk garments sing through summer sky.
"He" runs himself to death--longing to stop to just beware.
"He" cries a tear, then three, asks a raven to help him die.

Lightning bolts shoot without crash--"her" day is now here
"Her" stiff, soft patience has carried her to this place.
"She" cries in loud jubilatoin, no loving words endure.
Let me be escape, longing to live, vanish from this evil race.

"Even her beasts love her."

"Even her beasts love her."

© 2021 Kenneth Avery

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