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Escape - A Poem



staring back
a pair of eyes
she doesn’t recognize
two pools of darkness
with no glimmer
and an unwillingness to go on

echoing from within
a soul screaming and clawing
wanting to come forward
and escape from the body it’s trapped in

cold waves of sorrow crash against her
never allowing her to escape
it’s unnatural to feel this way

the words of those she loves
fall over her with no meaning

life evolves around her
but time holds her still
unable to escape its grasp
she stays stuck
never going forward

no one notices
they don’t realize
only she can see the darkness
reaching its hand out
perhaps it will be the very thing
that pulls her forward
and so she takes it

she disappears into the shadows
life stops and they all grieve
‘I never noticed’
‘I didn’t realize’
‘I never knew she wanted to escape’


Liz Westwood from UK on February 23, 2020:

This is a sad poem with a gloomy, but topical outcome.

Lorna Lamon on February 23, 2020:

Such a poignant poem Elise filled with torment and loss. We all need to pay attention to those around us who are in desperate need of help. Well written with a strong message.

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