Updated on April 12, 2018

This poem is basically a prologue to my other poem, Summertime Snow.

Hello there :) I love you guys like the sun and the water loves kissing every little stone. <3

Grounding the soul with stones

Life's a beach season!

Live Life like a Sedimet Rock

Underneath my surface crust, you wouldn't be surprised to find soft sand among all of the arrows of life.

Brown flesh wounds signify how many sets of one-one thousand miles I've traveled to be by your side.

With a tan from the beloved sun, I am sure to inflict some caring pain upon a light touch like a baby pool of lava preparing to burst during puberty.

When life was cold, it was the crushing power of glaciers that would tear me down to become a beautiful decomposition.

I've stood as strong as I could, I haven't let myself fall into toxic landslides. My only crutches have been from other

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© 2018 Josephine Jose


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